Stefán Boulter

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Assistant and student of Odd Nerdrum, Norway and Iceland, 2001-2004
Workshop with Professors Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky, Montagnana Italy, in 1996 and 1997
Istituto dArte di Firenze, Florence Italy, 1994-1996
Al Collins graphic design school, Tempe Arizona, 1991-1992

Private Exhibitions

JV Gallery,Summer Melancholy, Akureyri Iceland 2008
Gallery Turpentine, Beyond Modernity, Reykjavík Iceland 2007
JV Gallery, Akureyri Iceland 2005
Teie Kunstgalleri, Tönsberg Norway 2004
Gallery Fold, Reykjavík Iceland 2004
Ráðhús, Siglufjörður Iceland 2003
Ketilhús, Akureyri 2002
Sævar Karl, Reykjavík Iceland 2001
Skaggsdesign, San Fransisco USA 2000

Joint Exhibition

Horten og Borre Kunstforening, Norway 2008
Reykjavík Art Gallery, Reykjavík Iceland 2008
The Faroe Islands Art Museum, The Renewal of Icelandic Painting 2006
The Kitsch annual of 2006, Stavern Norway,2006
Gallery Turpentine,The sincere Painting including
Odd Nerdrum, Reykjavík Iceland 2005
Telemark Museum, Skien Norway 2004
Reykjvík Art Museum, Ferðafuða, Reykjavík Iceland 2004
Larvik Kunstforening, Larvik Norway 2004
Haugar Vestfold Art Museum, The Kitsch Catacombs, Tönsberg Norway 2003
Listaskálinn í Hveragerði, Young Artists, Hveragerði Iceland 1998
Atalier 67, Kopenhagen Denmark 1997
Independant Art Festival, Reykjavík Iceland 1994

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