Catharina Kajander

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1962-66 Industrial Art Institute, Helsinki.
1966-68 Assistant teacher for Prof. Kyllikki Salmenhaara at the same institute.
1966 member of Finnish Association of industrial art and design ORNAMO.
1966-71 working at drainpipe factory in Finland.
1968 First individ. exhib. in Helsinki Bäcksbacka
1969 First individual exhibition in Helsinki and State art and design price for big
terracotta sculpture.
1971 ”studie in traditional pottery in Finnland”.
1972-74 ceramic expert in Tanzania, Africa.
1975-80 Tohmajärvi art repr. in aerial council.
1981 Second individ. exhib. in Helsinki Bäcksbacka
1980-85 Chairman for craft cooperation Artisaani in Helsinki.
1990 Curator for art and craft exhib. at Amos Anderson art museum in Helsinki.
1993 Design Forum Finland
1995 Watershed ceramic workshop and exhibition in New York city, U.S.A.
1996-2001 State Grant for atistic work.
1997 ceramic expert in Guinea, Africa.
1998 nordic ceramic biennal, exhib. in Stockholm, Göteborg, Berlin.
2000-05 individual exhib. ”crazy coffeparty” at Designmuseum in Helsinki,Jyväskylä
museum, Kuopio museum of history, Tampere art center, Lappeenranta
art museum.
2001 Stina Krook art reward.
2001 Chateauroux ceramic biennal, France.
1998-2000 Leader-project for Somero, Kultela village ceramic center.
2004 “Crazy Coffeparty” at Tampere Haihara Culture Center
2004 “Terracotta torso” at Stoa East Helsinki Kulture Center
2005 Master class teacher in St. Petersburgh university.
2005 60-year retrospektive exh. at Gallery Laterna Magica, Helsinki.
2006 individual exhibition of Terracotta torsos at Finnish institute in Berlin, Germany.
2006 Pakistan, ASNA ceramic konferens and exhibition, Karatchi.
2007 Magdeburg, germany, terracottatorso.
2007 valtion ylimääräinen taiteilijaeläke.
2008 Fule ceramic resedency Fuping, China.
2008 Guldagergaard ceramic residency, Denmark.
2008 Design Forum Finland, indiv. exh. ”supporters of culture”, terracottasculpture.
2009 Guldagergaard ceramic residency, Denmark.
member of Association of designers ORNAMO 1966-
2007- vp boardmember. IAC repr. Art section board.
2009 Forum Artis boardmember.
CK also had 28 individual exhibitions in Finland and took part in many group exhibitions and ceramic
symposions in Finland and abroad. She is represented in international collections in Pecs, Hungary, Troya
nationalmuseum, Bulgaria, Fin. konsulatein St. Petersburgh, Iris-collection in Porvoo, Finland, Fin. state
collection, Fin. foreign ministery, Bäcksbacka art collection, Espoo town art collection, private collections and
M/S Volendam, Holland America line, ASNA-Art collection, Karachi, Pakistan, FULE-collection, Fuping, China.
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