Galleri Agardh & Tornvall IN ARCADIA ODD NERDRUM 21 NOV – 17 DEC

by Artnet Scandinavia on 11/19/2015

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In Arcadia, 128×112 cm

In the present exhibition, titled In Arcadia, we meet the mature artist, his mind divided by the extremes, on the one hand the close and immediate world of intimacy and closeness of a family, dedicated to the arts, philosophy and music. On the other, as always in Nerdrum´s work we face the unavoidable conditions for survival, the vulnerability of merciless human existence, so much in view in our time of unrest, war and refugees in search for a safe haven.

“In Arcadia” is Odd Nerdrum´s first one-man-show in a private gallery since Forum Gallery in New York 2012.  His art is, however, shown regularly in museums. Last week the exhibition ”Painting Forever” at MEAM Museu in Barcelona ended, with 38 works by Nerdrum. Ten artists, who all previous were students at Nerdrum were also shown in the exhibition. Two of them, Nick Alm och Johan Patricny, are also represented by Galleri Agardh & Tornvall.

Odd Nerdrum is outside of all trends, -isms and contemporary expressions. In his youth he said farewell to modernism and walked out of  Kuntsakademiet, Oslo Art Academy, to pursue his own classical studies of his great sources of inspiration, Rembrandt and Caravaggio. Like them Nerdrum has the unique ability to depict life, love and death and this makes his painting universal, timeless and existentially human. His distinguished works has established Odd Nerdrum as one of a few truly outstanding artists of our time.

Sibyllegatan 65
+46 70 716 79 77

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