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PER SIWMARK – CV Born 1948 in Malmö, Sweden
EVERY SCULPTURE TELLS A STORY ”Your facial expression is a reflection of your inner being”
The reason I work mainly with heads is my fascination with all the feelings we have and the thoughts we think. Our feelings and thoughts are often reflected in our presence, and especially in our facial expressions. My interest in ancient Greek and Roman culture is also reflected in my work.
It is a wonderful dream journey. A journey where the final destination is unknown. Likely it will be somewhere in the Roman ancient history or mythology. I always start creating my works with an open mind and giving voice to my soul and inner being. I am trying to channel light and vital energy. Not caged and confined by the limits of form and design. Even the final touch of colors is unnatural, indicating that sometimes this is not a depiction from life but rather the report of a dream or hallucination. I am trying to create an atmosphere packed with emotional tension. An deliberately mysterious and ambiguous atmosphere suspended between reality and a dream.
In an attempt to summarize my art I would say; Ancient influences meet modern design. Education Folkuniversitetet, Lund, Sweden 2007-ongoing
Exhibitions Gallery Valhall, Höllviken, Sweden 2009 Gallery Lifbåtsskjulet, Skanör, Sweden 2009 Gallery Rosenlund, Mörarp, Sweden 2009 Astoria Hotel, Malmö, Sweden 2009 Art Addiction Media Museum, London, UK 2010, 2011 Artoteque, London, UK 2010, 2011 Konstnärernas Höstsalong, Kista, Sweden 2010 Gallery Ztrand, Halmstad, Sweden 2010 Palm Art Award, Leipzig, Germany 2010 Gallery Hera, Stockholm, Sweden 2010 Gallery Jäger & Jansson, Lund, Sweden 2011 ARTROM Gallery, Rome, Italy 2011 Gallery Gabrichidze, Brussels, Belgium 2011 ArtHelsinki, Helsingfors, Finland 2011
The Brick Lane Gallery. London, UK 2011
The 8th Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy 2011
CentroArteModerna, Pisa, Italy 2012
South Nevada Museum of Fine Art, Las Vegas, USA 2012 Publications Creative Genius – MOT Publishing, London, UK 2010 Art In Vogue – MOT Publishing, London, UK 2010 International Contemporary Masters IV – WWA Books, Santa Barbara, USA 2010 International Dictionary of Artists 2011 – WWA Books, Santa Barbara, USA 2010
New Millennium Art, XLIBRIS Corporation, New York, USA 2011 Artist’s World – WOA Books, London, UK 2011 Who’s Who In Visual Art vol. 2012-13 (engl. edition) – Whois Verlag, Leipzig, Germany 2012 Who’s Who In Visual Art vol. 2012-13 (ger. edition) – Whois Verlag, Leipzig, Germany 2012

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