Brandon Kralik ”Sympatiutstilling för Odd Nerdrum” 1-10 Augusti Oslo

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”Young  Shaman”

With over 20 years of professional oil painting experience Brandon
Kralik has painted a wide variety of motifs and is equally
comfortable with portrait, still life and landscape genres. His
Mythological Figurative work has come to the attention of art
connoisseurs as a fresh view of mans relationship with the world
we inhabit . In addition he has recently completed the official
portrait of Lars Engqvist, the Governor of Jönköpings land, in
Since moving to Scandinavia from the United States his work has
focused on universal images and myths and much of his magical
journey, his heroic path, can be followed in his Amazing Success
Story. His international themes have attracted the interest of
various groups, collector’s and organizations, including the
American Club of Sweden and the US Embassy in Sweden, among
others. He is especially interested in using his paintings as a means
of strengthening the bond between people and the environment, of
showing what unites us, what we have in common and by
reminding us of our relation to the great mysteries of life. His
paintings do this beautifully with dignity and with a sense of hope,
for that is what we need to cultivate on a daily basis.
Brandon Kralik has been drawing and painting his entire life. Born
in Virginia in 1966, he has lived in many different States and cities
and has travelled extensively. He has worked as a photographer,
an animator, a chef, an Art Consultant and has had his own radio
shows. He studied Art at Western State College of Colorado and
moved to New York City in 1990 where he first exhibited his work.
He began classical training under the guidance of Anthony
Panzera, a master in the Italian style of drawing. After college, and
after completing an intensive year of independent study in the
great museums of Europe, he studied with Dario Campanile, who
is famous for his mountain painting that graces the opening to the
films made by Paramount Pictures. Brandon then spent 3 years
working in the studio of Odd Nerdrum in Norway. He now lives
and works primarily at his home and studio in central Sweden
where he bought a house in 2004 but also has always had a home
and studio in Colorado, where he “comes from”, which has
allowed him to build a following among collectors on both sides of
the Atlantic. He divides his time between his two studios.
He is a member of Oil Painters of America and the International
Guild of Realism as well as the American Club of Sweden.
His work is exhibited internationally and can be found in the
collections of publisher Eric Rhoads, Austin, TX., Länsstyrelsen in
Jönköping, Sweden; HRH Crown Princess Victoria Bernadotte of
Sweden; Prince Daniel Westling of Sweden and US Ambassador to
Sweden, Mathew Barzun as well as Steven Tyler and Carlos
Santana among others.
Fine Art, Group Exhibition, Oslo, Norway, 2011
Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, 2011
Group Exhibition, Sävsjö, Sweden, 2010
Solo Exhibition, Governor’s Residence, Jönköping, Sweden, 2010
Solo Exhibition, Galleri Gunnrummet, Stockholm, Sweden, 2010
Solo Exhibition, Chambre Separe’e, Stockholm Sweden, 2010
Solo Exhibition, Galleri Webb, Sweden, 2009
Reflection Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2009 – 2010
Salon International, Greenhouse Gallery, San Antonio, Texas, 2009
Galleri Webb, Sweden, 2009
Odestugu, Sweden, 2008
”Fresh Kitsch” Solo Exhibiton, Galleri Blue, Jonkoping, Sweden, 2008
Jackson Hensley Gallery, Taos, New Mexico, 2006-2007
Downey Gallery, Sante Fe, New Mexico, 2006
Michael Walter Gallery, Denver, Colorado, 2006
Lucille Lucas Gallery, Crested Butte, Colorado, 2005-2006
Kitsch Annual, Stavern, Norway, 2005
Galleri Kim Anstensen, Göteborg, Sweden, 2005
Galleri 701, Jönköping, Sweden, 2004
Firedworks Gallery, Alamosa, Colorado 2004
Downey Gallery, Sante Fe, New Mexico 2003
Oksen Gallery, Porsgrund, Norway 2002-2003
Wild Banana Gallery, Maui, 2001, 2002
Banyan Tree Gallery, Lahaina, Hawaii 2000-2003
Haugar Vestfold Kunst Museum, Tonesberg, Norway 2002
Raugland Atelier, Stavern, Norway 2002
Larvik Kunstforening, Larvik, Norway 2002
Art Maui, Wailuku, Hawaii 2000, 2002

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