Bukowskis Stockholm Important Winter Sale  December 11th–12th !

by Artnet Scandinavia on 17 december, 2019

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”Now It’s Christmas Again” Carl Larsson

Signed C.L. within a circle and dated 1907. Watercolour 58 x 147 cm.

Slagauktion 11–12 december i Stockholm

Nu är det dags för slagauktionen Important Winter Sale – en auktion som förenar det bästa av de bästa. 

För konditionsrapporter och mer information om verken, vänligen kontakta våra specialister: 
Andreas Rydén, tel. 0728 58 71 39
Pedro Westerdahl, tel. 0761 36 66 33
Lisa Gartz, tel. 0709 17 99 93
Johan Jinnerot, tel. 0739 40 08 01
Cecilia Berggren, tel. 0739 96 74 02

För information om möbler och konsthantverk, vänligen kontakta:
Carl Barkman, tel. 0708 92 19 71 eller Henrik Åberg, tel. 0733 27 96 21
För mattor, Anette Granlund tel. 0708 92 19 92
För silver, Anna Wehtje, tel. 0703 18 24 31
För asiatisk keramik och konsthantverk, Cecilia Nordström, tel. 0739 40 08 02
För smycken, Cecilia Andrén, tel. 0790 78 03 20

Slagauktion imorgon, onsdagen den 11 december
Start kl 10:
 möbler och konsthantverk, vapen och militaria, böcker, silver och preciosa, mattor, glas, keramik
Start kl 16: konst 


Important Winter Sale 621

After a successful season, we have reached the Important Winter Sale, an auction that truly celebrates the best of the best. Bukowskis yet again presents a fantastic collection of paintings and sculptures, where Old Masters meet Pre-Raphaelites and Impressionists.

Bukowskis is proud to once again have the honour to offer several masterpieces from J.E. Safra Collection. This time including, among other lots, Carl Larsson’s outstanding ”Kurragömma” as well as two magnificent works by August Strindberg.

Equally outstanding: Carl Fredrik Hill’s ”The Tree and the River Bend”, is considered one of his most important works. Until know passed down within the the artist’s family, it has never been offered for sale since it was painted in 1877. Bukowskis is also pleased to present the recently rediscovered ”The Bee Hives” by Carl Larsson, which was hidden away in a private collection in the United States for almost 100 years.

Among the international highlights, should be mentioned the magnificent painting ”The Rescue” by British Pre-Raphaelite artist John William Waterhouse. ”The Rescue” has been untraced for many years while it hung in a private Swedish collection since the early 1960s. Also of interest is an extraordinary private collection of works by Canadian impressionist, William Blair Bruce.

In the department for old masters, we can present several magnificent top numbers. In particular, we would like to pay attention to Jacob Heinrich Elbfa’s interesting and early portraits of Anna Margareta Sture. The 17th-century’s most prominent painter of portraits, Alexander Roslin, is represented with two wonderful portraits. Also the sculpture ”Young moose” by Carl Milles is worth paying special attention to in a sculpture department with several unusual top numbers.

In the department of Works of Art, we are happy to present a desk that belonged to our national hero, Carl von Linné. Another of the auctions absolute highlights is an exquisite table by master Georg Haupt.

In the department of Asian Art and Works of Art we present items from several private collections. Highlights include a massive double peacock dinner service as well as a blue-and-white Ming Bowl from Emperor Jiajing’s reign. Well worth noting is also a magnificent Bodhisattva in bronze, made during the Ming Dynasty.

We can also present a lovely range of jewellery of different types and expressions from different eras in this auction, where designer jewellery, alongside classic beauties, will be up for sale.

When is the viewing and the sale?

Important Winter Sale
Viewing: December 5th–10th at Berzelii Park 1, Stockholm
Auction: December 11th–12th at Arsenalsgatan 2, Stockholm

11 december from 10 AM Lot Number
Furniture and Decorative Arts 1 – 156
Militaria 157 – 159
Books 160 – 160
Silver, Objects of Vertu 161 – 285
Carpets and Textiles 286 – 353
Glass 354 – 356
Ceramics 357 – 387
Art 388 – 636A
12 december from 10 AM Lot Number
Asian Sale 637 – 965
Jewellery 966 – 1150A


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