Bukowskis Elis Kauppi (1921–2004) Finnish modernist jewellery art auction online !

by Artnet Scandinavia on 01/05/2021

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Elis Kauppi (1921–2004) was a pioneer in Finnish modernist jewellery art and one of the designers who developed Finnish modern jewellery art during the second half of the 20th century.

In 1945, Kauppi, together with Jorma Nurmi and Pekka Kivipuro, founded Kupittaan kulta in Turku, for which Kauppi acted as artistic director and jewellery designer until 1988. Kauppi’s goal as a designer was to liberate the form and jewellery from the naturalistic ideals. Kauppi wanted to create jewellery that sought beauty in the simplicity, and with which the wearer would bring out her or his personality and not her or his social status. The jewellery is therefore characterized by a simplicity where the shape follows the beauty of the metal and the metal the beauty of the gemstones. One of Kauppi’s most famous jewellery series that was also praised abroad was ”Tunturipuro” (mountain stream), where a cascade of bubbles in silver, spectrolite and rock crystal creates jewellery in different sizes and models. Kauppi never signed his jewellery but they were stamped with the hallmark of Kupittaan kulta. 

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